Advisory services for social enterprises

Unlock social wellbeing and financial viability

We support community housing providers, charitable trusts, and faith based organisations to build social, affordable community housing and mixed-use developments. We’ll help you use your money wisely and invest it well to unlock social impact and sustainable revenue streams. When you’re looking at the big picture, exploring new concepts or undergoing change, we offer strategic planning and research to guide your decisions. We can also support you to take your team on your new journey or be a set of safe hands for projects beyond your usual skills.

Social enterprises unlocking impact with Gemelli Advisory

Working with Gemelli, I’ve learned a lot about the economics of housing, and the subtleties of impact for communities from different models of housing and how those models deliver different social outcomes.

Jamie Newth, CEO, Soul Capital

Helping social enterprises make strategic decisions

“Charities aren’t big corporates. Most of us can’t afford the big consulting firms. But we need quality advice just as much as corporates. And that’s where Gemelli come in... In fact, Gemelli may offer more value than big consultancies because their local experience means they propose concepts tried and tested in the New Zealand market. They’re not selling some framework from overseas.”

Wayne Howett, CEO, Ronald McDonald House New Zealand