Advisory services for impact investors

Unlock more impact with your property investments

More and more investors are no longer content with simply making a financial return. They’re concerned with inequality, social justice, and environmental degradation. Others are considering their legacy, wondering whether they want to be known for business success or social impact. These investors put societal and environmental change first in investment decisions, whilst still expecting a fair financial return. When they invest, they feel a sense of responsibility, not only to do no harm, but to do good. Our due diligence and financial feasibility studies help you assess potential property investments, giving peace of mind projects are aligned to your investment goals. We also develop property investment strategies and act as expert property impact investment advisors to your investment committee.

Impact investors unlocking impact with Gemelli Advisory

Helping impact investors assess property investments

“Working with Gemelli, I’ve learned a lot about the economics of housing, and the subtleties of impact for communities from different models of housing and how those models deliver different social outcomes.”

Jamie Newth, CEO, Soul Capital