Advisory services for local councils

We help local councils explore innovative ways to use capital to achieve their organisational goals, whether social, environmental, or economic.

Local councils are always under pressure to keep rates down. As a result, innovative councils seek new ways to generate revenue and be more efficient with expenditure. Not only that, but progressive local governments taking a leadership role in their community are considering ways to catalyse investment in their region by providing seed funding or underwriting projects.

Councils have plenty of expertise when it comes to business as usual. But when it comes to thinking differently about investing capital to enhance community outcomes and offer greater value for money to your rate payers, you may lack those skills in house. That’s where we can help.

Local government unlocking impact with Gemelli Advisory

Helping local councils make impactful investments

“Gemelli bring flexibility, breadth, and simplicity to their research. They take complex subjects and distil them into something that works for all readers, robust enough for a professional peer review, but also easy to read.”

Miles McConway, (former) Director Finance & Corporate Services - Environment Canterbury