Strategic Planning

Support for organisations undergoing change

Change brings the need to reflect, plan, and unify your team. But strategy takes time, experience, and research to get right, and when you’re busy you may not have the capacity or capability in house.

We provide strategy, project advice, management services, and capacity support for not-for-profits, charities, councils, and for-purpose businesses. If you need support with a special project that’s not in your day-to-day wheelhouse there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help.

Flexibility is our hallmark. It’s about your needs, not our processes, so we shape our services to fit you, becoming an extension of your team.

Strategic planning services

“Gemelli are very good at understanding problems, unearthing relevant background, and prioritising needs. That gives us a sense of how to pilot a new idea safely ... Gemelli give us the data to focus our future strategy.”

Dominic Foote, CEO, New Zealand Housing Foundation

See us as an extension of your team

The strategic planning process

Every strategic planning project is different. But while our solutions are always tailored to your needs, most projects move through a four-step process. 

 1. Discovery

We start with your end goal, asking what support you need, what success looks like, and what resources you have at your command. Flexibility is key here. Whether you need someone to run a series of workshops, or a hands-on project lead, we tailor our proposal to your needs.

2. Proposal

Your proposal includes a reverse brief covering your needs and desired outcomes, our scope of work, approach, timeframes, cost, and project team. This proposal clarifies exactly what you’ve asked us to do, outlines what we’re all doing, and confirms expectations before we get started.

3. Kick off workshop

Not all projects require a kick-off, but many do. Bring all key decision makers to this workshop so everyone’s on the same page. We’ll walk through your proposal to make sure nothing's changed. Then we explore your needs and context in more detail, before gathering your ideas for potential solutions. It’s also important to understand your resources and your appetite for risk.

4. Develop and present deliverables

Outputs vary depending on your needs, but often there's a report involved, which we present in person and discuss, to help your board decide which direction to take. Reports typically cover:

  • Your context, your purpose, and your definition of success
  • The problem you’re trying to solve / the hypothesis you want to test
  • Summary of what you’ve tried, your successes and failures
  • Summary of our approach
  • Summary of research and recommendations
  • High-level financial modelling to test viability of your options.
  • Review how each option delivers on your objectives

Recommendations and next steps.

Our reports are real and human. We don't do impenetrable 80 page reports in consultant speak. Expect a short, snappy read anyone can understand.

We work collaboratively, so whether we’re researching, developing a strategy, or writing an RFP, expect regular check-ins to keep you in the loop.

“When Gemelli are working on a project for us, they check in regularly. They’re knowledgeable, experienced researchers who communicate without losing people in statistical jargon, so strong communicators and strong collaborators as well.”

Dominic Foote, CEO, New Zealand Housing Foundation

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