Evidence and confidence to proceed

So, you’ve got a great idea, but you’re not sure if it will work. You need data to support your case, and that’s where research comes in.

Our analysts have special expertise in property finance, impact investing, and creative funding models. We take your hypothesis and test it, find out if there’s a market need, look at international best practice, or run your idea by key investors.

Research specialities

Make data driven decisions

"Gemelli bring flexibility, breadth, and simplicity. to their research. They take complex subjects and distil them into something that works for all readers, robust enough for a professional peer review, but also easy to read.”

Miles McConway, (former) Director Finance & Corporate Services - Environment Canterbury

The research process

Many of our projects have a research component to ensure the advice we give you is sound and give you the assurance to act. 

1. Discovery

We start with your end goal, asking you what success looks like, what resources you have at your command, any constraints, and your appetite for risk. Then we discuss any ideas you want to test, and any similar things you’ve tried in the past.

2. Proposal

Your proposal includes a reverse brief covering your needs and desired outcomes, our scope of work, approach, timeframes, and cost. This proposal clarifies exactly what you’ve asked us to do, outlines what we’re all doing, and confirms expectations before we get started.

3. Research and present report

We present your report and discuss findings to help your board decide next steps. Research reports typically cover:

  • Your context, your purpose, and your definition of success
  • The problem you’re trying to solve / the hypothesis you want to test
  • Summary of what you’ve tried, your successes and failures
  • Summary of our approach
  • Summary of research and recommendations
  • Review how each option delivers on your objectives
  • Recommendations and next steps.

We work collaboratively. We’re not going to disappear for weeks and spit out a report at the end. We keep you in the loop every step of the way, report on our findings as we go and explore what they mean.

If we're testing a hypothesis and it doesn't come out the way you’re expecting, we don’t want that to be a nasty surprise.

“When Gemelli are working on a project for us, they check in regularly. They’re knowledgeable, experienced researchers who communicate without losing people in statistical jargon, strong communicators, and strong collaborators as well.”

Dominic Foote, CEO, New Zealand Housing Foundation

Test your big idea

Validate your hypothesis or investigate new possibilities for your next project.