Options Analysis

Confidence to proceed with your investment

An investment options analysis is the next step after a financial feasibility study . While a feasibility study simply looks at whether a project is likely to be attractive to a bank, an options analysis explores your investment options, looks at how each delivers on your investment goals and can be expected to perform. It’s a robust framework that gives you assurance on all aspects of your investment and provides confidence to proceed.

An options analysis helps you make sound decisions

"Gemelli started out doing the financial modelling for our hub redevelopment, looking at the costing, and how we could afford the build. But they quickly took on a bigger role… They offer fantastic support… We couldn’t have got to the stage we’re at without Gemelli, that's the bottom line.”

Russell Grainger, Pastor, Mount Wellington Community Church

The options analysis process

An option analysis is a concise document in plain language that outlines the key things you need to know to make a sound investment decision.

1. Your case for considering investment

  • Why are you exploring this opportunity?
  • What does success look like?
  • How will you know you've been successful?

2. Your investment options

  • What does each option cost?
  • How do they deliver on success?

3. How each option stacks up commercially

  • Revenue streams.
  • Operating costs.
  • Financing costs.
  • Rates of return.

4. Your options to fund or finance your project

  • Commercial viability and appeal to banks
  • Unlocking capital
  • Innovative financing models
  • Philanthropy

5. How your project can be delivered and managed

  • Governance structures
  • Management structures
  • Managing risk

Commercial strategy

A commercial strategy is an extension of an options analysis. It looks at ways to maximise revenue streams and reduce expenses. Our goal is to optimise the commercial viability of your project to enhance your social, environmental, and financial outcomes.

Commercial strategies are often used to investigate markets for property investments. For example, we may compare rents from different markets and compare those financial outcomes to your social impact strategy. We’ll discuss whether you need a commercial strategy in your discovery call.

Options analysis fees & timing

A simple options analysis starts from $5,000 + GST. The more we explore investment options in detail, the more your analysis will cost.

Most options analyses take six weeks but talk to us about your time frame.

“Gemelli are very good at understanding problems, unearthing relevant background, and prioritising needs. That gives us a sense of how to pilot a new idea safely because we haven't money to burn building houses only to find our plan hasn't worked. Gemelli give us the data to focus our future strategy.”

Dominic Foote, CEO, New Zealand Housing Foundation

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