Investment Strategy Development

Guiding property investment for impact investors

Define why you're investing in property, understand what success looks like, and clarify the returns you expect from your property portfolio.

If you’ve just started the shift from traditional investing to impact investing we can support you on that journey by introducing you to the property impact investment space and sharing examples of exemplary impact investment projects delivering both social and financial returns.

Property investment strategies deliver clarity and ROI

"Gemelli are a safe pair of hands, and entirely on the same page as us. We’ve a deep alignment in terms of values … Lots of people can play with spreadsheets. Gemelli offer financial analysis combined with an understanding of commercial context, and our impact priorities.”

Jamie Newth, CEO, Soul Capital

Developing your property investment strategy

Impact property investment balances social impact with financial return, and it’s important to understand what a successful balance is for you.

1. Discovery

We start with your end goal, asking why you’re investing in property, what outcomes and impact you want, and what success looks like.

2. Define impact goals

Next we define the demographic you hope to impact and the social returns you hope to achieve. This includes identifying which projects and sectors fit your kaupapa

3. Clarify revenue goals and risk tolerance

We confirm the returns you expect from individual property projects, and your entire property portfolio, as well as reviewing your appetite for risk.

4. Develop investment opportunity assessment frameworks

These frameworks help you compare and assess the benefits of different investment opportunities, giving you a structure that helps you ensure you’re comparing like with like and meeting your investment goals.

“Working with Gemelli, I’ve learned a lot about the economics of housing, and the subtleties of impact for communities from different models of housing and how those models deliver different social outcomes.”

Jamie Newth, CEO, Soul Capital

Develop your property investment strategy

Gain clear direction for your property investment portfolio.