Due diligence on property investments

Peace of mind for impact investors

When impact investors consider investing in property projects, you’re juggling risk, social, and financial return. It’s important to understand the balance a project presents. Impact investors hire us to conduct due diligence on property investment opportunities and test their financial feasibility

Gain assurance a property project is worth investing in

"Gemelli do commercial financial modelling for housing projects, but they also connect that to the impact for the people who live in those homes. We go to Gemelli to understand would this project deliver impact outcomes and work as an investment.”

Jamie Newth, CEO, Soul Capital

The due diligence process

Have the confidence to take potential property investments to your investment committee.

1. Benchmark costs

Potential project costs include:

  1. Rates.
  2. Tenancy management.
  3. Repairs and maintenance.
  4. Insurance.
  5. Financing costs.
  6. Interest rate assumptions.

2. Test assumptions around risk and revenue

  •  Test your target market for your property.
  • Assess financial returns
  • Assess social returns
  • Assess your level of risk.

3. Test financial feasibility

We develop a financial model to test whether your investment is likely to qualify for traditional bank finance. If your project risks rejection, we can investigate whether a bespoke financial strategy with innovative financing models could make your project more attractive to investors.

“Working with Gemelli, I’ve learned a lot about the economics of housing, and the subtleties of impact for communities from different models of housing and how those models deliver different social outcomes.”

Jamie Newth, CEO, Soul Capital

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Gain assurance a property project is worth investing in.