About Gemelli

Supporting organisations with social, environmental, and economic impact.

Since Gemelli started in 2018, we've worked with hundreds of for-purpose organisations, from social enterprises to local government. But the people we work with all have one thing in common – they’re addressing poverty in our communities.

We get the world of for-purpose organisations because we’re a for-purpose organisation ourselves. We understand being driven by a meaningful mission, but we also get the commercial realities you operate with.

When we set up shop, we saw for-purpose organisations were poorly served for affordable financial and commercial advice. Without this advice, many transformative projects were failing unnecessarily, or not even seeing the light of day. Our affordable advisory services help you figure out if your project is viable.

“Charities aren’t big corporates. Most of us can’t afford the big consulting firms. But we need quality advice just as much as corporates. And that’s where Gemelli come in... In fact, Gemelli may offer more value than big consultancies because their local experience means they propose concepts tried and tested in the New Zealand market. They’re not selling some framework from overseas.”

- Wayne Howett, CEO, Ronald McDonald House New Zealand

Making complicated projects simpler for you

We promise to:

  • Focus on possibility. All problems have a solution, all challenges are opportunities.
  • Find new ways for you to win. There are always solutions if you’re willing to innovate.
  • Keep it real. No consultant waffle and jargon here. Our job’s to bridge the gap between your world and that of the banks and investors.
  • Care about your impact. We only work with organisations that make a positive impact and we keep our rates affordable so you can afford our advice.
  • Walk in your shoes. Because we’ve been on both sides of the table we appreciate the tensions and trade-offs between social outcomes and commercial drivers. And because we get your world we can crack on and get stuff done.

We exist to destroy poverty

Supporting your impact

We only work with companies doing their part to destroy poverty. Any profits we make from working with you, we give to charities destroying poverty in their turn. It’s a positive cycle to support impact.

100% profit goes to charity

All our profits go to enable two incredible organisations. KidsCan’s mahi to feed and clothe children here in Ōtautahi, and Habitat for Humanity’s work to provide homes for families in Nepal and beyond.

“It’s tricky to say where Gemelli has added most value, because in a sense it's everywhere... They’ve done the hard mahi for us at every level, but there's also that element of personal support. I'm sure there are a hundred companies that could do a feasibility study for us and check our figures, but I doubt there are many companies that would come alongside in the way Gemelli has.”

- Russell Grainger, Pastor, Mount Wellington Community Church

Gemelli founder James Stewart tells how it all began

This business started by accident. I finished my last job and planned to take time off to consider next steps. But emails kept coming, the phone kept ringing, and people kept asking, “Hey, if you're at a loose end, could you give us a hand with this?”

I remember sitting on the beach at Kaiteriteri with my wife.

She said, “It's like a little business is starting here. Why don't you give it a nudge and see what happens?” So, I printed some business cards and three months later I’d hired the first member of the Gemelli team...