Financial and commercial advisory services for organisations with social, environmental, and economic impact.

Unlock social wellbeing and financial viability.

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Organisations unlocking lasting impact with Gemelli

“Charities need quality advice just as much as corporates. And that’s where Gemelli come in. Gemelli offer great value, and because of their local focus, they propose concepts tried and tested in the New Zealand market.”

Wayne Howett, CEO, Ronald McDonald House New Zealand

What we do

Our mission & our people

As a social enterprise, we work for purpose, not [purely for] profit. We exist to destroy poverty and give away 100% of our profits to KidsCan and Habitat for Humanity. Since we started in 2018, we've worked with hundreds of for-purpose organisations also addressing poverty in our communities, from social enterprises to local government.

  • Russell Grainger
    “Gemelli started out doing the financial modelling for our hub redevelopment, looking at the costing, and how we could afford the build. But they quickly took on a bigger role… They offer fantastic support. They’re so encouraging and they’ve contributed in so many ways… We couldn’t have got to the stage we’re at without Gemelli, that's the bottom line.”
    Russell Grainger
    Pastor, Mount Wellington Community Church
  • Dominic Foote
    “Gemelli are very good at understanding problems, unearthing relevant background, and prioritising needs. That gives us a sense of how to pilot a new idea safely because we haven't money to burn building houses only to find our plan hasn't worked. Gemelli give us the data to focus our future strategy.”
    Dominic Foote
    CEO, New Zealand Housing Foundation
  • Jamie Newth
    “I'd encourage you to get Gemelli in early and get them involved in your development strategy because they can add real value. They're not just a feasibility company. Many times, I’ve seen them help connect the strategy of an organisation with housing projects or other investment projects.”
    Jamie Newth
    CEO, Soul Capital
  • Miles McConway
    “Gemelli bring flexibility, breadth, and simplicity to their research. They take complex subjects and distil them into something that works for all readers, robust enough for a professional peer review, but also easy to read.”
    Miles McConway
    (former) Director Finance & Corporate Services - Environment Canterbury
  • Wayne Howett
    “Gemelli gave us a really good picture of what leveraging our accommodation assets to raise revenue might look like ... And not only do the numbers suggest it’s possible, but Gemelli also socialised the idea with a few key investors … Gemelli go above and beyond. So, my advice is, if you’ve got a new revenue generating idea, invest in a sense check with Gemelli first.”
    Wayne Howett
    CEO, Ronald McDonald House New Zealand